Today I will be sharing one of the fundamentals of marketing your posts. Applying these techniques will:

  1. Increase Traffic
  2. Popularize Your Brand
  3. Expose You Too New Audiences

The magic phrase today is… SOCIAL MEDIA!

The power of the internet is astronomical, and the fact that we have the ability to access the world in an instant at our fingertips is incredible. To use this power in the most productive way possible, we must put in the time to find the best sites for sharing our wonderful pieces of art we call posts. I have done the research and have a list of the sites you should focus on for whatever purposes you need.

This will be a new subcategory that I will be writing as part of the Tuesday Blog Tip. I will call it Social Secrets and it will feature a different website every time. Today’s lucky winner is a tool which every self-respecting blogger should know about.


This site is great for increasing your viewership, as well as boosting your stats in general. StumbleUpon is a webpage viewer which helps you “stumble upon” different websites you that have been shared by other “Stumblers” on the site. Every person that stumbles upon your page will see your post which will open up a whole new part of the internet up to you. It’s quick and easy to make an account, and it costs nothing to do so.

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