“Don’t be discouraged by the stumbling blocks in life, they are there to climb on not just to trip over.”



On one of the hikes I recently went on


Consistency + Hard Work

The way we grow is through work, this is a basic concept we all understand as human beings. Just look at the people who have ‘made it’ in your eyes and you will see that they have worked for what they have or don’t have, no matter if we decide to accept it or not. Today’s tip is very reliant on the fact that we understand this concept or not, and if we do, can we apply it to our lives?


Become Consistent

One of the easiest parts of becoming consistent is that all you gotta do is right there in the title… be consistent. If you are having trouble writing your posts, or keep pushing it off until its never late enough, then creating a schedule will be your true best friend. A schedule will keep your consistency until you feel a little empty inside without completing your writing for that day/week/month.

If you ever feel like you might give up on your hard earned consistency, just remember how inspired you were the first time you made that decision to write every week, and never give it up.



The primary reason to be consistent is to grow your audience and to prove to the internet that you aren’t going away. When I started I made a commitment to write every day, and I kept it for 3 full months, that is probably how I grew faster than most bloggers, but I joined a post-highschool oversees program in Israel so I had to lower my writing expectations to two posts a week. I guarantee you will see results within a month if you keep your schedule, depending on what that particular schedule is. Keep doing what you do, and then do it some more…

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