The things we hear about the people we care for will always be critical. To want to expect something better of a person you respect is a perfectly normal human psyche. Sometimes thou this creates false expectations and such for the people we should be giving the benefit of the doubt. This also creates a rift between the two individuals and thus cripples their communication skills. Of course when lacking in the communication department usually creates a void of connection which will destroy the relationship slowly as the person you once called a friend now looks more like a stranger every second.
  The screaming inside that we feel as we keep the emotions bottled up never to see the light of day is the reason we won’t speak out the problem. Once we experience something it becomes a part of the body, mind, and soul. This cannot be undone, but what can be controlled is what is becoming part of you. So when we hear something about someone we have to work towards having a choice of what we will accept. The fact is that it is our choice how we perceive and should be thankful for this freedom and use it to the fullest extent. 

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