These two aspects have been at “war” since the beginning of the conceptual creation of ideas. Every time we compartmentalize the ideas of good and evil there becomes a rift where there was none before. To say these two siblings are the classic good-evil brother movie pair is to say that we as a people don’t need conflict to accomplish. No matter how much we hate it or like it for that matter the human race has never taken a step forward in times of peace. Now this isn’t to mean that we were accomplishing by going on war after war, and I would never say that violence is the key to helping us grow as a people. All I am taking out of this is that if something has no conflict then there is no reason to change the situation. So why would we create or destroy anything if we are content in the situation we are in? 
  I have a theory that our sub-conscious knows this all too well and that our consciousness must influence are decision with petty nuances; that if were looked at individually would appear harmless when in reality have certain affects when completed as a whole. Now even if this theory of mine isn’t true it’s the lesson that is important to bring out in this post.
   Let’s take a step back and look at our lives for a moment. Every little thing we do in our lives ends up being for one ultimate goal. For some this is happiness, they usually don’t stay in this path for long, and if they do they don’t last much longer. Then there are the religious which seems to be the most effective way of keeping someone productive no matter if the pretenses are false or not. Last but not least there are the ones that are pushed by the logic and the carefully articulated life they have structured for themselves. Honestly the people that do this have the upmost respect and fear in my heart because it takes a lot of willpower to live for yourself and not through or for someone else. I fear for them because once one petty thing goes awry in their lives of glass everything, and I mean everything breaks down revealing the black habit hole that was being covered up by their repetition. 

  Don’t you see what’s happening in these petioles very different brains? Everyone has some type of conflict that is created by no one else but them. The happiness we lust for just brings betrayal and disappointment, the religious aspirations of our leaders have no footing except pure belief which will be challenged at every turn, and finally our willpower in the end just brings us to believe that there really was no pint in the end if we didn’t love for anyone but ourselves. The “negativity” we fear of feeling is the exact thing we are chasing after. The “sadness” is already here we just are on a constant down escalator walking up. All we can do is accept the so called “evil” as reality and use it as our most powerful tool against our ourselves.
  If anybody has any thoughts please leave a comment below. I would love too discuss everybody’s different views and opinions. 

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