All of us have watched at least some form of the classic underdog movie in which the character finds his true passion and becomes extremely successful in what he does. It is extremely satisfying to feel like you have found your calling, your purpose, if you will. The positivity we feel from realizing that you are a great basketball player or and incredibly creative designer comes from the accomplishment we feel from doing something we enjoy. To become what you love is to love yourself endlessly and with good reason. So we must first calculate how to become what we love so we can accept that feeling of accomplishment.
  Sometimes we feel undeserving of the feeling of contentment that we very much deserve once we complete a task. To discover our true purpose we must first find the niche of our lives that have the upmost importance in our hearts. Achieving this complete confidence in what we do only comes through the emotion we feel about what we do. Since the direction in which we will go is heavenly set upon the emotion we feel toward whatever the next step is; then the purpose of ourselves is being changed by the circumstances in which we put ourselves in. This obviously would implicate that our purpose relates with the decisions we make throughout our lives. 

 So you ask how does this concept philosophically make any sense? 
 We’ll have no fear this isn’t the final verdict, and there is much more to this once simple idea. Let’s discuss the concept of a purpose. Some believe it some don’t, and I’m hear to tell you that everyone believes it only some use it very differently the others. The way I see purpose is you don’t need some cosmic entity telling you what it is and you don’t have to live up to the person someone else brought you up to be. There’s a fine line between personal definitions and actual meanings that we have to clarify here. An idea has only the boundaries that the user puts up for it. The difference with a personal definition is that you are limiting the concept for other people using what you think is the ultimate evolution of the idea as the only definition of the concept. 
 So to all I say that we stand up bring out our purpose through the concept of emotional directional use. Once we can truly be continuously content with what and who we are then, and only then, will the true feeling of placement bring out all of our dreams to reality! 
  If anybody has any thoughts please leave a comment below. I would love too discuss everybody’s different views and opinions. 

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