“The fight which rages inside of us can only be lifted by the original need of the aggressors.”



Two Sides

By definition, every conflict is 2-sided, without something to fight against your just a crazy person swinging his arms around. For example, the American Civil War was fought by the North and the South of the *Ahem* United States of America. Each opposing side will always want something from the other side or they are trying to change something about the enemy in one sense or another. A proclamation prohibiting something that was wanted started the Civil War just like the need for freedom sparked the American Revolutionary War; most would agree this was needed, but slavery, on the other hand, was wanted.

Before we decide to stand up for what we believe we need, we must first discern that we truly need what we are fighting for, and not merely want it.


Needs VS. Wants

Every one of our actions is a result of our thoughts and desires. You want that ice cream, you walk over and order it, there’s a test coming up and you would love to ace it, you set time to study every day. There are certain things that have to happen if we want a certain outcome to occur, some call this sacrifice, and others call it necessary. The question is, how do we know what is important and what we can do without?

This question can be answered by some deep self-awareness and building a strong belief system. By knowing your hopes and dreams and having a plan to acquire them, can help let us know when to lay off and when to attack ferociously. If you see yourself losing connections, dignity, maybe even a friendship, usually those arguments can be solved a different way.


By finding what is important to our growth and destiny, we can decide in a split second whether an action is worth the repercussions or not. I hope we all find this peace of knowing what we stand for, have an amazing day.



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