To be in awe is to respect 

  Our friends are the preferred conduit of new experiences in our lives. By expanding our social circles we as humans generate a bigger sphere of influence, thus our experiences also become plentiful. 

 Everyday day this week I focused on walking around and looking through an amazed eye glass. Basically, This means I took the positive to the max with amazement and awe instead of pure positivity. So although I am not using all of my positive energy to be this way I’m just amazed at certain actions or instances; where I am blow away by the guy who lets the older man in front him while they wait for the train, or the people who cook for the less fortunate.

The key to achieving this level of awe for your reality is to be thankful for the world you are in. There is a certain appreciation I apply to all of my surroundings and from within me as well. When I see that elderly man say thank you and passes through, I see an amazing happiness from seeing such kindness. 

Be thankful to achieve happiness.
 Enjoy the rest of the night and I hope our understanding will take us to new levels of peace. 

(Art by @princessshaynabelle)

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