It’s about time to act!

 Look around and what do you see? 
 A person not accomplishing his dreams but instead wasting his time with useless actions. Maybe another burger eaten and not a pound lost, or even the time by the water cooler, with people using it as a socially accepted platform for their lies and fears. 
 You see a parent helping their offspring, or a hard decision being made and a friend is lost. We all choose what to see around and within us. All of these situations can be looked at as metaphorical or physical. Are these feelings inside of us or actual instances we watch go on around us?

 Do our feelings affect how we see the world?

 The answer is maybe, yes, and no.

 To answer the question there are first certain details that must be fixated upon. How do you feel about yourself? And how do you feel about people around you? 
 Once we answer these two questions there is clarity to see how we truly let our emotions affect our perception of reality. So take the time and feel for you and others, thethen take your own feelings into account when you look at another person. Take along hard look at a person in your minds eye and the. Then take yourself out of the picture. Pretend you don’t exist for minute to truly understand how you relate to that individual. To understand someone while you are not in their presence is to understand the part of them they won’t show you. 
 Enjoy your new understanding of your friends and family and use it the positive way you know how, enjoy.

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