Everybody agrees Sunday is an extremely relaxing time that is looked forward to just a tad more then the other weekdays. Some would go as far to say that Sunday is their favorite day of the whole week. I would like to analyze this and get to the core of why this day creates such strong feelings. 
 To bring about such positivity among so many I want to isolate the associated feeling and analyze it. The freedom Is definitely part of what makes this day so remarkable and what it represents for a good percent of the workforce. Although there is something else that brings about the hatefulness of Monday and the loving of Sunday and this, I believe, is the concept of repetitive comfortability. 
 This focuses on something you are comfortable with and brings out he feelings associated with it. Every time we hear Sunday we think, chill, relax as much as we can because we must make this day a part of our lives as much as possible. Just like how vacation is just the endless goal of a worker in this age of dollar royalty; the aspects of Sunday that bring us to our knees are one and the same. This pointless endeavor does not help us reach our goals and feelings of accomplishment most of the time. Unless we use this relaxation to focus in on our goals in life there is absolutely no point in the endless pursuit of unproductivity…
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