Picture This:

A person sees himself and another. There are no other people in this construct but the two he sees before him. Then he sees the man that mirrors himself step backward and the other person step forward. What is happening here that we can use to improve our own future?

:Picture That

 The way to become more then yourself is to accept there is more to yourself out there in this crazy world. To truly believe that there must be a certain level of humility infused with the empowerment of commitment. To accept there is something that you can commit to doesn’t mean this “master plan” has to be godlike or religious in any matter. I do believe though that we can take our own dreams and aspirations and create a space that is  higher then ourselves and fill it with our personal goals. This way we create a motivator and place something we want to achieve in the first place! 

 If we can use this tool to make ourselves the extra piece of reality we are all searching for in this endless life of meaningless actions then we have mastered the art of self empowerment. This is the formula:

    Place of higher purpose+personal positive goals = One of the most effective ways to accomplish anything. 

 This is partly creating a reality for yourself that can help you just don’t focus on this as the only goal in your life because there is nothing worse then achieving what you thought was the ultimate achievement (the end) then not recieving reward for it.

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