A day to look back upon

 Hope that you are relaxing maybe with some tea in your bed, and I hope you enjoy the article ahead.😀 
 Some wake up this fine day and only focus on all they have to do the coming week. Some wake up with a clarity of how much they have accomplished in the past week and feel content for the rest of the day. 
 I’m sure we can all guess who is the happier person in these two scenarios. Bringing this point to light highlights the importance of reflection. Looking to the past for inspiration is key and should be done more often. With all the self destructive behavior in the world we need a little love to bring back our motivation. 
 I see Sunday not as a day of moving forward or a day of reflecting backward. I see Sunday as our day we can check off another productive positive week in our lives. A day where reflection breeds inspiration and worry is nothing

 If anybody has any thoughts please leave a comment below. I would love too discuss everybody’s different views and opinions. 

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