To lead you to yourself

To be the most amazing individual we can be feels so amazing and satisfying in those moments of greatness. Being in a constant state of mind like that can be challenging even to the best of us. How do we keep a constant expectation of ourselves? How does this incredible feeling last within us? Let me share The Path that will take you to your ultimate you…
 Stepping on the Path:
 This is arguably the hardest part of the process. To be your best self you must know where to look for yourself. What I call The Path is part of a mental landscape that we are constantly roaming, remembering and forgetting. Discovering the path is part of beginning your personal success story. The only criteria you need to be on your Path is to be truly ready to commit your life to yourself and to nothing else. 
 So you made a life altering decision, cool. Now the next step. 
 Staying on the Path (and other things)
 Obviously this step needs a constant ability to keep your inspiration right in the forefront of your mind where it can help you the most effective way possible. So for the while we are on the Path this continuous thought of wanting to complete our goals must be our only focus. This is the only way to complete everything you want to in this life. Just focus and push; this will be all worth it down the line if we stick to our morals and dreams. 
 What Tools to Pick up on the Way:
 What everyone needs is what we don’t want to accept. In unusual circumstances the thing we need works into our own Path. Although usually we must work hard even for the tools we need to build the circumstances which will lead us to greatness. 
 Creating a schedule will provide structure and focus to your life. I recommend slowly building every part of your day to the point that you won’t have to even worry about what you might have to do tomorrow because your brain will have been trained to already have tomorrow processed and accepted. Once a schedule is in place you might realize that you are accomplishing a lot more then you thought was even possible in one day.
 Training your mind to think like an intelligent productive person is something has to be one of the most important steps to building a meaningful life. Habits like reading, exercise, and eating right may all be forms of this concept; what really is behind all of those actions is a person who is just trying to force his brain to function in a totally alternative direction. Now this is not a negative thing except that some people don’t understand the importance of what you must be focusing on while doing these activities. To read a book about parallel thought processes while thinking about the last episode of Lucifer is not going to be as productive as someone who focuses on the subject of what the activity demands. 
 Usage and Destination:
 Incorporating our inner positivity and letting it seal out of us and into the things around us creates our own world of amazingness. Imagine a world where you were the one that made everybody else smile because your aura was so contagious they couldn’t help but feel like everything was ok. When you make someone else feel like that your own spirit lifts and soars into places where you never thought you could reach again. Anywhere is your destination and everywhere is how you get there. 
 The direction has always been there. Commit. Create. Commit again. Then let yourself be you again. Because you are what greatness wants to be, you see from the criteria above all you need to do is follow The Path. 

 If anybody has any thoughts please leave a comment below. I would love too discuss

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