I will be doing a day-specific psychological idea, daily. 

So hopefully we could spread a deeper understanding and knowledge to each other.

Today is officially Friday so here it goes:

     Since 20 years ago when Friday 13th began being feared and resented; America still loses $900 million yearly due to unproductivity.

Because of a superstition (basically fake news) there are people still being affected by the media or their personal past by being less outgoing on this peticular day of the week. This shows how letting your negative experiences of the past control your decision making in the future. We can all accomplish a tremendous amount more then we already have or assume we can.   (Obviously we use those negative experiences as defenses agaisnt future harm, but we have to learn how to separate what is protection and what is fear)

2 thoughts on “Start of My Daily Writing Sheduale”
  1. Well said! Perception is everything… the stories we have, both conscious and unconscious, very much govern what we notice, the choices we make and how we see ourselves. Those perceptions filter out whatever doesn’t “fit” the pattern… I noticed that when I work hard to see what’s beneath those stories, I notice things I never could have before. Imagine what would happen if all that mental energy was being used to drive ourselves forward!

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