So I love the way we humans communicate using body and being able to have full conversations without even uttering a single word. For instance you want to tell your friend about something you found that interests you. So you say, “hey yo brosky look at this” but when you look see him turn around his lips around in a straight flat line and there is nothing but remorse in his eyes. This usually means he really really really isn’t interested in what you are saying or the thought you pulled him out of was a negative one. This technique of reading facial expression/body language helps our social instances go incredibly smoother for everyone involved. Imagine your sister wouldn’t be upset at you because brought up an old ex or your father wouldn’t be disappointed you don’t understand the changes that he is going through in his old age. These things plus anything that has to do with the psyche of someone else’s mind can be found on their person as long as you look hard enough.

 Every time the opportunity comes up to handle a situation that is going to the negative sides of things can switched around by finding the right words to say or the right action to take in the social sitch stance you find yourself in. I will be writing more on how to read the messages written across everybody’s face and body. The series will be called the Screams of Unspoken Words, look out for future posts.

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