To think that we are a purely evolving race is to believe that every step is a step-forward. Even if we don’t notice this, the things that make our society are on an endless circle which will always come around again. What this entails is a misconception of what we call creativity opposed to what we call classic. All you gotta do is look for it and you will see the repetition throughout history, and the basic logic behind it will become clearer.  
  Every action the people do as a whole of the human race cannot be taken as an evolutionary next level into our future. There are people that say some of our most prominent technological achievements were actually a step backwards from the path or revolutionary design that we chase after all our lives. Like the Atomic Bomb for instance is an extremely controversial creation in the sense of what we classify it as. Some would say this is a peacekeeping device that has brought the first stalemate in history, but others would say it is a device of pure destruction and no good can or will come out of it.with this information we can see how sometimes although it NIH seem like an incredible final frontier it can just be a disguise that the endless circle of repetition is using to keep us focused on ourselves.
  Even with fashion and most other physical entities a have come full circle. The dress that was “hideous” and “so five years ago” is now the new hot piece everybody is lusting over just because some famous person got paid to put it on. The cycle it boils down to is that if we look at people we only see through cameras to decide what is the next new product; then we will always bend to the wills of the lens. 
 Believe in this concept and we can actually start something new, we can start something incredible. Instead of repeating the exact same sequences we start walking on our own straight path with new beginning and ends…

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