Wednesday Wisdom
A love of something brings forth a need to acheive it. This need is what drives us to do what we have to for the accomplishment of our personal goals. So you love a specific car and would do anything to get your hands on it. Then one day I come over to you and let you know about a new study That showed how your love your passion is obsolete and there is a new car on the market. Your love foe the object has just dissipated into nothingness. 

 Now take something that is isn’t physically tangible, but mentally potent instead. Something like an idea or a philosophy that you believe in. Do you think if I would tell you a proof that disproves your philosophical idea that you would just drop it right there on the spot? 

 The things we believe in will forever be apart of us even if it’s form changes from time to time.

 Knowing this, if we put our love into our ideals and morals instead of inconsequenstial items that will pass you by in a heart beat. Believe in what makes up your essence to gain ultimate inspration..

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