Is it Madness or Creativity 

 What brings people together is something lots of us chase after day after day. Without relenting this drive to have the power of attraction is looming over us like a cloud in a rainstorm. The trick here is that we are the attraction. How do people get brought together if not by each other?
 You may think your crazy, weird, or even unlikable, but little do you know the amount of people that just want to spend time with you. I was getting a little down about my blog recently because I don’t see a lot of responses in general. Then I looked at my views and the amount of reads I was getting and I was relived to see those numbers in the hundreds. This fact alone that I have the attraction of so many people brought me clarity once again. 
 I wish I could show each and every one of you how much you are loved! You don’t understand the amount you matter to so many people in his world. Please try and remember that as you go through your day and maybe we can all become better people… 

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