Positivity From Unusual Places 
 This morning I woke up pretty sick, sneezing coughing, all of that. It had to be the spirit of Monday trying to dissuade me into believing that I should just sit in bed and play video games with pizza all day. Now I may or may not have done that but I also ate healthy, wrote, and exercised. All these activities help me feel pretty positive about my day and helped me go to classes and I had a pretty accomplished day. I started the day off with extremely high levels of negativity weighing me down, but there’s always a way to still accomplish, even with these feelings haunting your every move.

 Take every action we do as humans during our daily routines and assess the feeling you feel while doing them. When you do your laundry do you feel clean? When you work out do you feel stronger or bigger/slimmer? Even as you munch on a fresh apple do you feel healthier? Sometimes we get a nostalgia effect when we do these actions because they are repetitive but on a daily basis we feel the ramifications of our actions later on or sometimes on different days. 

 For instance the effect of doing our laundry takes place when we put on our clean clothes. You take the pleasure of positive actions at the epitome of the reaction. Imagine how much easier it would be to accomplish if you felt the contentment of completions while you were doing the action. So obviously it is very challenging to achieve this level of understanding, but what you could do to get close to this incredible magic is something i like to call iMAGICnation. 

 Use your past experiences as a foothold to push yourself to accomplish even the smallest of tasks. Imagine the positivity you feel when you do something incredible and incorporate that feeling into the process in which you use to complete other tasks. Basically enjoy the doing of an action and not just the end result, and you will be surprised by how much easier it will be to surpass your own limitations!

One thought on “Magic Monday”
  1. I really appreciate this level of positivity . When you make me look at it, I see it’s true. I will try to remember the small victories on those days where I feel it’s a total loss, hopefully it will propel me into action of some kind.

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