Wednesday Will

  Nothing can kill a will, or nullify it for that matter. The constant inspiration we try to achieve, comes from the endless pool of energy called will. There are two different kinds of wills, yet both have a similar conceptual meanings.
When there’s a will there’s a family:
 A will is a testimony for our post death wishes, in basic terms. People can see this as an opportunity to deliver feelings they couldn’t when they were with us, and others use it to make sure certain circumstances become reality.
 Whatever the case, we use this tool to deliver our ‘will’ onto the world around us. coincidentally, there are ways to banish this will into oblivion; the same way others can use our lack of confidence in ourselves to banish our internal will.

When there’s a will there’s a way:
 To push past the more difficult challenges in life we tap into our willpower to use as a force to drive us forward. The use of this power shows a strong connection with ones personal beliefs and goals. Because the inspiration you gain from your own willpower can be used to fortify your goals, there is a certain vulnerability when opening up to the fact that it is your own will.
 Once we accept that it is we who are the motivation to continue on, we start looking for that power again and again. This can sometimes lead to disappointment when the will isn’t strong enough to help us with the task at hand.

Why is this?
 When there is potential for success, there is a potential for failure, and with every growth the other side grows as well. This is why when we dont succeed at something that is ‘easy’ for us, the immediate response is usually to let ourselves get bombarded with negative thoughts of failure.
 Bringing out the goodness without the negativity is something which is learned over time. When challenged with something extreme your sub-conscious will push back with enormous amounts of will to counteract the impossibility of the situation. To be challenged is to be great, and to overcome challenge is to achieve greatness.

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