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 “The foggiest memories have the most valuable lesson hidden inside them, the reasoning for the fog.”



The lessons we learn through out our lives tend to get lost in the voids of our mind. Little spaces or lapses in our decision making process can easily create a gap where the lesson or knowledge we gained at that point in time is sucked down a rabbit hole we never seem to be able to find. Since we end up not having access to this knowledge, some say we might not end up needing it, and can live a healthy productive life without trying to remember the lapses in judgment we have gone through in the past.


These people are right to an extent, where there is not problem, there is no fix, but why can’t there be a better model?



Let us go on a journey where we can focus solely on becoming the best you; a land free of distractions, and full of focus. This place is reserved for the ones which try and try until there seems to be no end, but then they realize they were there the whole time. The journey we take to this magical kingdom is the failure and the loss, the fog we try and push through as it keeps us surrounded at all times. Every person has felt this way at least one time in our lives, and never wants to have to do it again. it is like we went through an initiation for the right to be better, the right to be more. Some live on this constant battle, and others reside in the land of wonder, and know they can push themselves even when laying among the rose petals.


 What are some of the effects of these two different paths one constantly decides to exist upon you ask?

 Well here is the light which breaks the fog, and the wind which disperses the shadows.


The ones who look to be in a state of enjoyment, and happiness, are the ones which reside in the posh decor of the ancient land. Others, who look to be stressed, and weakened just by the sight of life itself wander in the endless fog, unable to see the path to accomplishment constantly in front of them.



I do not mean to say that people with no problems and easy lives are in the right place and that people with problems and hardship are in the wrong. The claim is that the same person, with the same attributes and situation, can reside in both of these places at one point in time. Have you ever witnessed one of your friends get over a hurtle in his/her life, or if your child accepted their fate of not getting ice cream that day, and lived to tell the tale? Did you see the change in direction and focus when this happened? Did you experience the shift of reality where they lived? These changes happen top most of us and the way we look at the situation can change our reality.


That same situation happens at every moment, waiting for us to decide to put the pitchforks down, and take life while protecting our vital organs; instead of taking life one round at a time. When you feel as if you can and will change the direction or feeling of a negative situation, you will feel as if there was a bed of sheep with you as you went about your day.


We can change realty, one feeling at a time…



via Daily Prompt: Foggy

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