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Ah the belief that our actions will come back and either haunt or help us in the future. If we would give to the man with the cup on the side of the street then in our time of need, we will be given what we happen to need. This is a concept which has helped lots of us, including myself, become better people. If we absolutely believe, in our core, that our positive actions will react like the butterfly affect, and spread more and more goodness, then doesn’t it sound impossible not to do the absolute we can for ourselves and others?


A Proposition

Whatever good we do, we feel good about, and whatever evil that extends from ourselves, we fell lesser because of it. So I would like to delve into this concept, and not only answer the question of why we still tend to accept evil, but also to try and figure out a formula to prevent us from falling into regret. I believe there are three different things which tempt us to either react or act in a way which we as awesome people, will regret at some point in our lives. The reaction fueled by anger, the unfortunate mindset of sadness, and, of course, what we ignore but will always struggle with, our inevitable existence of Newtons Third Law within ourselves.

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Love of Calm

Think back to the last time you got angry, and I do not mean that you were unhappy with something or you were missing one of your socks, and couldn’t complete the pair. I am referring to a time when all you saw was the disgusting aberration of the most evil part of the person or situation in front of you, and there was nothing but hate in your soul. In this moment was your first reaction to think of the best way to hurt the person which upset you; which would be the logical reaction to the situation, but no, for some reason there was no thought only emotion and nothing was able to stop you.


What do you think would be the only force that would have the power to take that kind of anger and release it in a healthy yet quick fashion?

Remembering the Calm…


I have not felt that angry in a little while, but when I have in the past, I have used the power of thought to overcome any actions which might have come out of those emotions.



Darkness Lifted

I am sure at least some of us have felt the weight which we call sadness, and hopefully we have overcome and worked on our minds to the point that we were able to lift and throw it away, with all the hardships that come with it. Although, this does not mean that events in our life do not sometimes make us feel that familiar darkness from time to time; and this malevolent will sometimes seduce us into doing, or not doing some questionable things.


The way life has taught me to overcome these feelings is to not just think about the situation, but to actually train our mind, even when we feel just a tinge of these evil emotions, to teach ourselves to reject and force ourselves to get up and brighten our day with accomplishments. Do these actions just to show yourself that not even a slight negative thought can cross our minds, and go undetected.


 You have the power to work out your positive mindset to the point of total control of yourself.



The Dark Side

I have a love Star Wars which I have mentioned in some of my other posts, but this concept of a choice between light and dark, and not just a choice, but the power to become powerful in any one is music to my ears. Being that when we make a decision to grow, in any way, there is a certain power that is fed within us. To Take part of a negative experience is to feed your beast, and to do something positive is to feed the boss within you.


Make sure to consume the right foods and to not get taken in by the addictive flavor of the negativity which resides in this world.

We, Us, Ourselves, Together

I believe in a better us, which will result in a better world. Be the change you want to see in yourself, the rest will follow! 🙂


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