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When we were scared as children, our knee-jerk reaction was to cover our eyes, as if what we saw is only what existed. This did help with our personal security, but eventually, as we grow up, we learn to face our fears and accept that reality happens with or without us watching.




Getting over our fears is always the first step to greatness, I mean, which great person do you know allows himself be controlled by his fear. Being led by the dark can only lead to a trip up or two, and being loved for it only strengthens fear’s control over us. It is unseen and unbelievable, but just by knowing about the concept helps us in a very plausible way.

Way of the True


Doesn’t it seem interesting that one of the most powerful forces that affects our psyche stays hidden. One of the pillars of emotion and the most overused attention techniques in Hollywood, stays subservient and will only peek its head when feeling forgotten. Being brave is usually referred to when dealing with differing fears, but I believe pushing back is not the same as purely vanquishing the enemy of heroes and warriors alike.


When we feel needed, we feel good about what we do and how we do it. There is nothing better than the love and positivity we have potential to give over to others. We all have our own fears, but we also all the have the ability to overcome these challenges. Lots of us face similar demons, or at the very least the reasoning where our fears stem from are the very same. By overcoming our own hurdles in life, we show the world that our power can stem from the will power that drives us to complete our goals.


Gaining from negativity cannot and will not lead to the opposite.



Hidden Meanings…

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