Mass Monday 


“Our faults are the key to our ultimate success.”

                                                                 –  Me?



What is sub-standard to me?


What is so low that even I deem it unworthy of my attention?


If there are any answers to these questions, we must know why before allowing ourselves to put others on a lower shelf. I am sure we consider ourselves a caring people, generosity and prosperity flow through our veins, or we wished it did. Either way, one must become a paradox if we are to attain our best self.


To think of ourselves as dust, while claiming we are the rightful king, is the only way a person can live happy.


Accepting that we aren’t the most important thing in the universe and there are things greater can help us see the people around us who need us the most. While believing we are royalty sets responsibility and self respect which can be challenged by no other.


Love ourselves but only to the point we need, find your own personal line. It is the only thing keeping us from the other side.


Have a great day, just a thought today, no big reveals about human nature or the beauty of time, just a thought…


via Daily Prompt: Substandard

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