Tired Tuesday   

 Getting back on track is so much harder then getting on the track in the first place. Hopefully I am back to my daily posts, but oh boy, that was a couple of hard last few days. Although, because I bounced back my resolve will always be stronger for it, and will continue to grow and harden with commitment.

 Oh yes so about being tired…. I am. So what does being tired entail exactly you ask? 

 Well first of all lack of motivation is up on the list. Besides that most unhealthy decisions will stem from being sleep deprived, and will lead to being rushed without proper thought. I’m sure some of you have heard of CreepyPasta’s The Russian Sleep Experiment story from around the vast wide world of webs. (Internet) The story itself is fictional, and extreme in most circumstances, but the message is bright as day; don’t deprive yourself of sleep!

  Especially for people who are fighting to be positive and productive, loosing sleep is just holding you back from your true potential. 

 Don’t let the negativity in our lives bring us down while we aren’t at our best. Because once there is darkness in our lives, our thought processes can be affected by these forces in great force. Once the inspiration we thought we had in ourselves gets defeated even one time, a little of our hard earned confidence gets taken away. 

 We are strong and a strong individual can help him/herself when they know they need it.

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