Tuesday Teeth


“What is healthy, is harder to tarnish..”



The purity of our intentions can be misled if there is no reason to keep the path we walk straight. Take brushing our teeth everyday, essentially we are keeping a healthy surface so we don’t have a internal problem or pain in the future. We may not need the protection at the moment, but doing it day in and day out keeps our intentions on the same path, so we do not stray into the road of good intentions. (you know the one)


How do we Keep Expanding and Exploring with Barriers?


I am sure some of us have had the thought of the possibility of letting our safety nets keep us from experiencing the leap of faith. Doesn’t it make sense that the barriers we build to ward off the demons we conquered will keep us from experiencing the positive sides of the unknown world? Well think about it like this, would you go mountain climbing without harnesses, or scuba diving without scuba gear? How about buying your children toys with no choking hazard warnings, or joining a social group with no prior experience conversing with people?


We think of the things we get the most experience from and wonder how we would have done those actions without our most precious exploratory tool… Our barriers, the safety nets which keep us safe while bringing us to the outskirts of comparability.

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