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Finality and accomplishment, that is what most of us search for when creating a plan for success. What makes this such a great concept is the fact that we are lusting, and preparing, for a positive outcome. I love the fact that we as a species expect to succeed, it is the best self motivator for anyone even thinking of failure. You already succeeded in your plan, lets make it a reality.


As the title states there are those who do not follow this rule at every turn, and will tend to expect failure from within themselves, even before they give themselves a chance. Some might say they have failed before, and the proof is in the pudding. (or numbers) Although others claim to use their fear to keep themselves safe from the many unknown dangers that might arise from the leap of faith we all must take. Finally there are the ones which will have such complete doubt in their own abilities that their real world skill will suffer. From just thinking we are nothing, we become nothing.


It isn’t what we eat, its what we think.


I personally have been that situation. A few years ago i truly believed that i was not able to learn anything or do anything right, and i truly believed I didn’t deserve any of the recognition I got from the people that tried to show me what i really was. This set me on a path of self destruction which ultimately led me to actually fail the things I was trying to accomplish instead of just saying I was. Our thoughts bring affect our real-world actions in such a particular and impactful way.


We must be careful to not only watch our words, but our thoughts as well.


When I become a psychologist, I would rather have a patient who is truthful but full of despair, then someone who hides the little darkness he was behind a smile. Everyone needs a friend or just a little love, sometimes even the ones who “have it all figured out” are the ones who need the most guidance.


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