Everyday experience has a purpose

 Everybody has their own definitions of what the word ‘spirit’ means. Some say it is a supernatural force, while others believe in more psychological manifestations. What we will be focusing on today is simply the way to use this concept as a positive force in your very own lives. 

 I have spoken about this in earlier posts, and I will again; we all wake up with different feelings and perspectives of the world on different days. I think it’s obvious what we feel like on Monday (unless you’ve read my previous posts) and the amount we accomplish on the days we feel positive is significantly more.
 When the sunlight pours into the room from the cracks in the shades each and every morning, our brains will receive alert type signals to get up to a bright new day. On the other side of the coin there are those times we oversleep or sleep-in. Personally when I wake up late I and have to start my schedule with the feeling of lost opportunity as the inspiration for the remaining few hours.

 That is the reason for so many of those depressing days and unproductive hours. If we wake up with a negative attitude or an expectancy of laziness then there will never be a way out of the loop of unproductivity. There are times when it is very hard to accomplish but with the spirit of every other productive, loving day, you can’t lose the fight.

 (Art by @princessshaynabelle on insta)

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