Mellow Monday 


Surprisingly I did not know what the word amble meant until today. It means to walk at a leisurely pace or just a relaxed speed. I thought of a lesson we could all learn from this concept of doing an action used for transportation, and doing it slowly and calmly is a new concept for me at least.


Lots of us accomplish a good amount during the day and do feel good about it, but there are some (including me) that rush through the crucial in between actions which make up our productivity process. The breaks, driving, walking, typing, and other such actions which are needed, but also is never as satisfying as pressing the publish button.


I would to make a toast, to all of the small tasks we complete everyday, which will never be thought about again. All of the printing and the signing, or the picture hunting and the walk to the mailbox; they are the reason our legacy will be complete and successful. Appreciation in general is always a good way to find the positive aspects of something, but appreciation for something we did anyway is just a booster for our own achievements.


Loving yourself and loving the world around you  becomes easier when you have so much more to like in the first place. Small thought for today, hope ya’ll have an incredible one!!!


via Daily Prompt: Amble

4 thoughts on “Slow Your Roll”
  1. Yes. I feel you. Slowing down in such a fast-paced world is important. We miss so many details when we are constantly on auto-pilot. As you said, we don’t savor the simple walk to the mailbox or the (silent) act of printing. We’re just always worried about being on the go! But just enjoying these small moments helps us relax. That is true!

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