Thunder Thursday

 As humans we seek direction, always from above but never from within.

 Bring all of the wars and peace, and the treachery and kindness. There is always a common factor which all of these concepts entail, direction. Every decision brings forth new rules and consequences. How can we respect the rules of the people around us, when you have to trust an outsiders judgment in place of our own.

 Has anyone ever created something without laws, rules? Everything has a goal. To claim responsibility you have to have reason to. Why be responsible for something that will not do or be anything. Just a faceless relic in the shadow of its peers. 
 Although, to live under everyone else’s rules will only hurt your independence in the end.

 Be what you are to unlock your own personal morals. We as humans create a shield of sorts to keep order and balance to the body, mind, and soul. 

 Being yourself requires you too not just let go of others, but to also let go of the fear for acceptance, or you will never truly be free.

 Enjoy the weekend and love to all, 

 Be a criminal to the laws that keep you chained, and act as a law man when given control of your actions.

Sorry I posted with notes to edit, I apologize

3 thoughts on “Rule of Thumb”
  1. ” Being yourself requires you to not just let go of others but to also let go of the fear for acceptance or you will never truly be free” I love that!!!

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