Sunday Sixth


“The shimmering lights are lit by the ones who enjoy their glow the most of all..”



Glass has always mesmerized me. The way it glistens, reflects, and is translucent is a wonder to me. I love the  how we can see ourselves, and the other side at the same time. It is like how editing videos brings things to life on camera that can never happen in reality. The glass brings the two things together that never would have been without its existence, our personal outlook, and the view of others about us. As we stand in front of the windowpane, wondering is that what we really look like? We see through the eyes of others, while staying mentally planted in our own minds. This is one of ways we can start to understand each other to a point of peace through understanding.


The Reflection

A way of feeding our anxiety, or the path to knowledge, this concept has toppled the greatest believers and the strongest of will. We have looked in the mirror to check ourselves before we go out of our comfort zone, or just to check the blemish that was there before is now residing elsewhere. The fact we have the ability to see our physical selves opposite us, is a paradox within itself. We use this power to make sure we are up to par for others, or just to relish a new look. Whatever the case may be, it is juts a reflection, by definition, it is the opposite. The backwards way we believe will help us be accepted is the backwards belief that we cannot accept ourselves. We can and must believe in ourselves and not just what the reflection hides on the other side.


Past the Glass

Look into glass as you see the clear material,  but not just that, you see lot of blurs and other objects you can’t make out; not until you realize you can let your eyes relax and sort of focus past the glass, and onto whatever is on the other side. This was my first time realizing that I can choose what to focus on, (at least the first time I remember) I was very young, but for some reason, the fact that I could choose what I wanted to see and how deep I wanted to look into what I was seeing changed my view of the world forever.



I believe in a choice, and choice to see and do good. I do not just mean the actions we do, but the lessons we share through our actions make a difference on the people around us to. We each shimmer in our way, some focus on the layers of glass, and some see past the glass, and into a future where the reprecussions of their actions are taking place in the moment.


We can judge ourselves in the reflection, or look far away into the glass, but we will always be improving the shimmering image in the glass, the opposite, the thing we are if we look a little too long…


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