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We have spoken about the power of sound in-

The effects of the atmosphere around us was brought to life through-

 What of the overlooked sense, what of the arguably most important thing our bodies can do in service of us, and is taken for granted?


Lost Sense


Compared to the rest in it’s family this one child of nature is ignored and used by the key holder to it’s existence. Important but unrecognized, this poor entity is usually only mentioned when there is something fowl about. Some know of this creations true importance and necessity, but it is not enough.


How to Bring Out Inner Inspiration Through Fragrance


Being at peace with yourself helps us be in better communication with the world around us. Believe it or not by being in touch with our physical body we can accept more information. Memories are not frozen in the past, but created in the present. As we remember these events there is a physical manifestation which helps our mental plane re-imagine, and use these memories for whatever we need to recall them for.


Wrap Up The Incense


In general we should focus on being more comfortable with ourselves, and I have covered this in a previous post, but imagine the first time you went to middle school, or high school. The feelings come flooding in but do the physical take shape?


They do if you realize why your feeling the emotions you feel when you have nostalgia other past emotions. Remembering what you feel is just a memory of the reaction you had to your physical situation at the moment. Let the smell of the musky halls, or the cold air in the freshly cleaned classroom.


There are many parts that make up a memory, taking out even one will alter the past in a way we can’t even fathom… Mainly because we don’t know how we will react or feel in a specific situation. Hence, we cannot begin to think of the possibilities.


Let us just take a moment to appreciate what warns us of danger, and what gives us similarity. We will always remember the fragrance of familiarity.

(apologize for the random, but I got sidetracked 😉

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