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“We all have history, although some ignore, while others adore” – Me?


Whenever there is a question of why, or the time to take action arises, and the reasoning has died. There is only one way to look, one direction to trust, and one path to uncover. This, is the question of our past, this question alone will provide the answer we need in order to move on.


The Future


I think of the future as one does with an ever-changing schedule, with an open mind. Coming to this realization is what unbinds us from the chains of repetitiveness, and lets us walk with newly found explorations and emotions we never thought we would let ourselves experience. Being in a state of happiness just means you don’t regret what occurred five minutes ago, and I am sure we all have been sad or let down by things that happened years or even millennia ago; but do we not try and hold back those monsters so angels can thrive in their stead. Challenge and misfortune come to every human begging for attention, but we fight and we hold the line between them and our love for the world around us.


Every time we gain ground on the forces of negativity, we learn and adapt to the nature which keeps us grounded. The very life we live is an interpretation of the future we will inevitably and fortunately experience. If we let ourselves fall for our own limitations, then freedom is forsaken and our own worst enemy is in the future, inside of us, nurturing on the safeties and fears we keep, only to limit our potential.


Freedom is discovering the past to change your future for the better 🙂


The Past


I would like to believe the past is something which is defined by the beholder. Not just a projection of what our feeble understanding of the mind conjures for us. Memory is taken for law in court, but not trusted when a loved one needs to trust it most. Hate, love, anger, and kindness are just some examples of emotions which almost everyone has had change their perception of the past. We love our hero, so in turn we remember the good times where we were most affected. The anger we feel for our worst enemy blocks out the times of understanding and corrupts us with inexplicable and unintelligent actions.


When we decide to feel emotion and stop caring what the world wants us to feel, freedom is there. Although letting your emotions guide your action without recourse is just another form of prison. Love is great, but do not mistaken what you love for what is right.


Please keep on loving and sharing the possibility of happiness, just be careful of why, the reasoning will decide the repercussions. 


Traditionally speaking of course.

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