Just Stop and Think Sunday

 Do we give the answers we want to, or the excuses we have? 

 To the people which want an answer, and to the ones which have none. This is for you…

 Do you ever feel overwhelmed?…(yes!) 

 Well that was an easy one, how about this, do you ever know what is specifically making you feel overwhelmed? 


A little different, and well yes there are multiple factors, I would like to focus on the most confusing, overwhelming, intimidating thing that has ever existed in our universe. 

 The Mind

 Every action, every reason for anything that happens is a result of this entity. We bring to life the most powerful tool in history, and we just let it consume us and take over the very life we use it to create. 


 Because we believe that because we don’t have total control over our mind, there is no hope that the brain is really a big part of us. Not the organ, but the concept of what our mind creates will forever be a part of our being. To control it would be to never let another original thought out of our minds. This is why one of the most prominent attributes of a person is self control. 

 To have self control it to have total confidence in yourself and your abilities. To work towards this will bring us closer to happiness. If we want to be accomplished, the the most effective way to do it is with the help of our minds, instead of it being our most imposing challenger. 

 Just think, no pressure, you don’t even have to relax…😊

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