Monday Malevolence 
 We react to words like demon, and monster like we would if they were right in front of us. In a conversation consisting of a subject described like this, there is a certain benevolent force which drives our words with a clarity of the endless battle of good and evil. It is like, in some ways we can somehow be the judgment of what is and what isn’t good.

 There are many different manifestations of what we call positive and negative. Once we use these concepts to describe something, there are certainties with which we now associate with those subjects. Because the belief in those words come with feelings of extremism, caution is a priority that must be used while using the power of these two concepts. 
 So now that we understand the commitment those words create; there can be a deeper understanding into how we can become more positive while using these concepts to bring out the certainty in which we live. 
 Words create feelings and there is a power in being able to change the feeling of a situation from boring to engaging or upset to thoughtful. Helping a social circle stay positive is a great way to improve the quality of your conversations. Just by using the word positive to describe the situation around us creates better vibes in general. 
 If we are feeling negative towards something we must look in ourselves for the problem before searching elsewhere. Be positive and enjoy life, life will enjoy you too.

(Art by @princessshaynabelle on insta)

2 thoughts on “Monsters are just Mirrors with the wrong reflections”
  1. That’s exactly what I do. Keep the circle happy and then they keep their circle happy, and so on and so on!

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