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“Differences come about through constant opinion”



The ones we love have always been a top priority in our society, no one we can think of will trump the importance of the person we cherish with all our heart and soul. We love the purpose this concept gives us, the purpose of our life translates itself into the needs of the love of our lives. I would like to ask everyone here one simple question….

Do we inherently seek love, or do we seek the ramifications we attain through these actions?



Does it matter?


Well to answer the second question yes it does, to a point. We should not get caught up with the reasoning if it hinders our accomplishment, or if in turn we will just run in circles just to make ourselves crazy. Although, as I have stated before, knowing the purpose behind our actions will help us push ourselves in that particular area. In short I will dicuss the path we take to accept and seek love, but this is only for educational and healthy reasons; not for the ones looking for “the answer” there is none, there is many.




It is beautiful how we search for the goodness in this world, like we want it to be how it was when we were children. Personally when looking back I did not see the world in such a positive light when I was little person. Whether  from the events that sculpted me or the transgressions of others, I am who I am and we all have the possibility of looking out the window and finding love, or closing the shade and watching as darkness brings us closer to the bed. We have the choice, and the beauty we bring to the table is only paralleled by the constant challenge which life throws our way for reasons of betterment and generosity.


 Thank You,

       From: The Other Side


When I was in high-school, one of the graduates of that year wrote a speech, basically saying what the negative emotions (depression) would be saying if they would talk. He started off, “I love you and I try to help you succeed everyday. There is no one else on this planet who feels as much sadness when you fail and let me take hold. I am here to make you a better person, and that is my purpose in this great wide universe. I accept the hate and the negativity that is said about me everyday, but without what I give you, there is no purpose, and there is no light. I provide you the chance to be happy and productive, please do not let me win ever again…”


We all search for what is good, but we forget what we really should be focusing on. Be your best and look for the love, without forgetting the what you have won behind.


P.S. This is a true story and I agree with all of what is said above, we are here to rise above, succeed and love yourself for it.

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