Total Tuesday

The ones we love can change but the reason we love them are forever.

– Me…

 Today was the last day of my program in Israel, and now it’s time to go find some work in the holy land. I just wanted to reiterate some of my thoughts of the day, and what we can learn from the finalization of something, to the start of something else. 

Bring sadness to accomplishment, the result will be procrastination every time without fail. 

 The feelings that are brought into a situation will affect the level of success the person has in the endeavor. So too, if I would think of the ending of my stay in one place as a negative, then it will be a negative. When saying goodbye to some of the other participants of my program, there is a concept I see which brings me into the world of darkness. I see the end of a relationship, I see the loss of our influence on each other, and I see someone going on with their life while I still am figuring out the direction I want to take.

 Although I do feel accomplished, there is a point in which we all want more and at that point is where we have to push ourselves, because if we stand still in the presence of inspiration then there will be a loss of opportunity. Which will result in a lowered self esteem which will stem from the fallacy that you failed, even though all it was was a lack of action. 

 Don’t worry when it will be your last day, worry for the day that will be your first. Because, like the your last, you only have one first day….

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