Monday Misconception 


 Brooding our horizons, or keeping our focus on the next step ahead. 

 To be successful at something will always feel great, even so great that he accomplishment will feel complete and the euphoria will dissipate. Sometimes this will result in a search for something else to give us that feeling of contentness. 

 To be productive for the feelings it gives you will always end up in diverse and confusing results. We must feel great about our accomplishments and use those feelings to create more accomplishment, but to never have a realistic end goal will end up with a lack of continuation. 

 When we see a friend trying to finish a project, but they keep getting sidetracked by the continuing bombardment of possible positivity, which they should be getting from their own goals. 

 We can try to make them realize their self destructive behavior, but distraction is often disguised as good intentions. 

 Keeping our focus on what will ultimately let us leave regret In the past is the only way to true happiness. 

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