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 “Brought upon my world was all that will happen, and all the possibilities of the past.” 

                                              – My Brain

 We normally believe the past is the only trustworthy concept in our universe. Because we don’t have the ability to physically change the past, we wrongfully think that the past itself is written in stone. While the belief is technically true, it lacks one major insight into our psyches which will change the world forever! 

 What we ‘remember’ as the past is just a collection of emotions, which correlates itself as a picture.  

 This means that if you were in your room as a child, and found your old action figures, you would remember the times you played with them with your friends, and all of the times you went into a world which you created based on the figures you had. These memories are focused on emotion in every sense of the word. 

 True happiness is said to be found when you are at peace with yourself. To be at peace is to have no negative or positive emotions with the thing you are feeling for. 

 Peace, is a state of being…

 Wouldn’t this imply that the only connection we have to the past, our memories, would be shaped by the ideals which ultimately achieve true happiness. I know that I would like to remember my memories around what made them important to me. The only reason why the memories last at all are because of the emotions, and the actions which stemmed from them. 

 Sometimes our thoughts and memories swirl together like vanilla and chocolate; tricking even the brightest of minds into basing their decision on the past. While learning from our past is a great way to keep life original and not make the same mistake again, there are a lot of positive outcomes that can occur if we looked into the present for the answers we seek. 

 Contemplating the present can become an endless cycle to those who do not love the future.

6 thoughts on “Just a Memory…. or is it a Thought? ”
  1. Brilliant. I enjoyed the ‘Wisdom’ behind this one very much.
    And the images chosen were an excellent complement.
    Thank you!!

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