Wild Wednesday 

 Frolic and be merry, for tomorrow brings us the nuisances of life.


 Everyone always had that one crazy kid in their class who you just had to laugh along with. Seeing the joy of another person sometimes affects us in so many ways we don’t even know about. The need for social affection stems from this concept as well. When we are around people we enjoy, we enjoy what is around us as well. 
 This works both ways so, like anything in this world, let’s try to make the best out of what we surround ourself with. 

 Now that we covered outside influences of the wild side, let’s talk about the meaning of the wildness within ourselves. 

 Have you ever caught yourself in a state of crazed joy, when you can’t really remember what you did or why. The moment when your with friends, and feel extremely comfortable in the social circumstance that you are in, so much so that you just let yourself go. Usually this will entail the deepest and truest you that there is.
 There is no thought

 There is no fear

 There is only enjoyment

 Bring the people you want to share yourself with closer to you, and you will be there, not some other person you really wish could just stop covering up for the true you. This brings us back to the concept of loving and enlightened, to be yourself. I have spoken about this in other posts, but I am sticking to a specific part of ourselves in this post.
 The part we try and hide for fear it will be hated and criticized.

 Us… that is it. We are afraid of ourselves. For what reason? The discrimination of the outside world, telling us what we are supposed to be and what we are supposed to want. 

 Only co-exist if it is you who is the one existing and the people around you who are doing the ‘co’.

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