Workin’ Wednesday


There is a song by Breaking Benjamin called Bury Me Alive —

Here’s it is on their VEVO


This term is used when you don’t want to necessarily die, buuut you’d rather skip whatever you are experiencing at the moment. Unfortunately this situation occurs more often then not and this is the way to dig out from whatever is keeping you buried.




We as humans base our decision making on what we want out of our lives. Being the selfish species we are, usually there is a path which will take us to the destination of our choice. This destination becomes a must instead of the want it was, to forcibly motivate ourselves in the face of impossible odds. this is needed as part of the adventure because of the hardships we sometimes endure. The need also increases the euphoric feeling once we achieve one of the many milestones which we put up for ourselves along the way. once we realize this and accept this, there is nothing left but the want to succeed that will bring you to your constant goal.





Happiness is a constant, not something which will finally be there permanently once we achieve it. Although, once accomplished, happiness in its purest form will be much easier to grasp, every time it is achieved. Accept and use this knowledge to motivate you in the direction of all of your milestones still untouched.



 Simply want to see light, want yourself to succeed continuously, and the world will stop forcing your need and nurse your growth.



Also i’d like to point out it is Net Neutrality Day of Action, so go free people!!!



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