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 Have you ever had that thought where you told yourself, ‘if this would be the situation, then I would be able to accomplish this.’ Well I am pretty sure we all have had those thoughts and hopefully this post can be helpful in starting to make those situations a reality. 

 Some would say that needing those particular situations is a fallacy which only brings let downs and false expectations. Although, using this wanting to fuel the drive that brings us closer to greatness can be very helpful when trying to accomplish challenging tasks. 

How To Use The Power Of The Perfectionist:

 This concept was first brought to me when I was taking a walk and trying to go through some of my past and read trough the events and see the truth behind them. There was trauma, happiness, and confusion, but through all that I would see a constant expectation of myself to do everything to the most extreme level conceivable. I brought that feeling upon myself, but all the same, there were points in my life that it helped me achieve unimaginable things, and then there were the times that ended in darkness because of the impossible standards that weren’t achieved. 

So what to do when something can help you reach your dreams and hurt you all at once? 

 I am a believer in the aspect of Yin and Yang, where there is a little positive in the darkness and just enough negativity in the light. This concept to help sort through our actions can be a big help when trying to tap into the right part of something. This might sound unusual, but since nothing is inherently evil nor good, the lines between what is positive and not can be blurred at times. Seeing the difference is not in the act but in the reasoning, and knowing this is the key to using each and every thing that exists in the best most productive way.

 Knowing the reasons for the greatness will result in even more purposeful greatness. 

One thought on “Creating Your Own Perfect Situation”
  1. I think there are elements of positive and negative to be found in everything. I used to think everything was black and white, in stark contrast to my thinking nowadays. I like how you question beyond just the surface.

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