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Time for Timelessness


When we look into the endless ticking of what seems like our lifeline, to the days we supposedly wanted to accomplish in the first place; all that is there are our wishes and others wants. Schedules help millions around the world set up their lives according to their mental state and long term goals. Using the abilities we learned and the knowledge we have gathered, there is an endless amount of varying paths to take on the journey we name life.

What Helps us Narrow our Path?


When the unimaginable power of current events begins to overwhelm even the most capable of us, where do we turn. There is only one place where a person will look toward when there are no more foreseeable paths. We rely on the only entity that will keep us in reality and drive our fears into the dirt. This wondrous, but overlooked part of our lives is exactly that, the parts of our life.


The way we structure our day, to the finest point affects our psyche in many different ways. There is power in what we are comfortable with, I know many will tell you to break out of your shell and go on an adventure. Extending your comfort zone is great, but not in the face of insanity. turtles have shells for a very specific reason, and without them, they wouldn’t even last one day on this beautiful earth. We have structure and expectation to keep us where we will be the most productive, we can wonder all day about what we could’ve or will do, but that will not matter in the reality where those actions occur.


Tea is Timeless


I am sure every one of you has heard of Tea Time.

This is a beautiful custom which so happens to prove this point perfectly. This simple practice, for those who do not know, involves a set time in the day where you just focus on the one action you are doing at the moment which so happens to be making and drinking tea. Obviously this is ,y personal explanation of the widely known practice, but the point is, we are so occupied with… basically everything!


So What?

 If we take the time to make a set time everyday to just focus, it does not matter what you focus, just that it is something which you moderately enjoy and will do consistently. 


Love the builder, Love the Building…


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