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 Money has been around for a while, like a really long time. Even before the creation of any kind of currency, the human race was using substitutes for money such as animals or varying services. This habit has shaped the concept of ‘earning’ throughout our history.
 Brought out of context, the subject of this article can look like a way to earn money, but I am just going to focus on the concept of earning in a mental sense alone. (Maybe by using these tools we can earn more in our lifetime)
 Earning Our Lives 
 Every time we accomplish something no matter how big or small, there is always a thought of how much work we put into it, in the past. Because of this constant process to live up to our own work, and loving the rewards more for it, we always try to make things harder for ourselves to feel like we deserve everything that comes from the action. 
 This is evident in all things such as simple tasks which we think through a little too much sometimes, or the harder challenges in life in which adversity creates a particular pride in our work. These two ends of the same spectrum, let us go to each extreme and learn from the experience. We teach ourselves to either be haughty about our accomplishments or to not let the feeling that we deserve the rewards take hold. 

 Inner Balance 
 Keeping a level playing field within our minds can mean the difference between contentment and frustration. Just like all things, if done through moderation, emotions can be beneficial. Meaning that once we learn to tap into our opposing feelings, and we focus on our moods in different situations, there will be chances to feel the contentment of earning ones way into happiness.
 Being a successful person only feels good if you fought to get to where you are.

  Don’t lose the war thinking it was the battle.
 (Art by @princessshaynabelle on insta)

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One thought on “Being Worthy Shows What We Can Earn”
  1. It’s so true. I deny myself the ‘reward’, regardless of how great the feat was.
    I am going to say it has been earned from now on.
    Thank you.

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