Don’t just live on the edge, be the edge which infuses confidence into the ones which walk on your narrow ledge. 


 How to climb a thread:

To be one with the extremely successful, extreme measures must be made. (Duh right?) Well sometimes this can be hard to do but once we understand that we are always on the edge of awesomeness; then we can freely become what we always truly desired.


The first step to the pinnacle of your life will always be to commit yourself to the path you wish to walk. Then, after you firmly believe in the concept of a successful you, take evasive action. This means you must do something that doesn’t make perfect sense but feels sorta right. Mixing of emotion and logic will result in the perfect blend of a confidence building action.
☝🏼(I’ve been thinking about this concept for a while so feedback on it would be appreciated)


 Resting Peacfully on the Ledge:

Learn to be calm in a a hailstorm, and a rainstorm will seem like a sunny day…
You can weather out the storm (see what I did there) and be the storm at the same time!?!


The chaos which keeps us away from our personal ledges will always be the number one protection, and enemy of our accomplishment. Using our protective chaos can bring our success cap up to new heights; by breaking the chaos which clouds the judgment will result in a balance of ones rational.


Inner peace will triumph in the place of adversary, and thrive in the glory of tranquility.


The sound one makes when clashing with ones own shadow can only be described with a slow clap, and a strong heart.


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