Tempered Tuesday

 Love can be given, even if the receiver is something that cannot return.


 I personally love hikes and everything about them energizes me. Today I went on a two hour hike which reminded me why I loved the adventure to such a degree. Being out there, in the wilderness, the quiet and all the noise all of the same time. I felt a togetherness with the people around me, which I haven’t felt in a while. 


 I am staying in a town which imbues relaxation into your bones on a daily basis. The hike was a source of determination while being relaxing at the same time. This helped with the stress of what I have to do at my job, while letting me see how lucky I am that I could see these beautiful sites, by just walking down the street. 


Watch your surroundings to a degree of ecstasy. Instead of being worried about how much there is in this big wide world of ours. 
 Love the home, love the mind which makes it a home. 

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