Tuesday Turnover 

 Ah the relentless beauty of educational paper. Writing is the time where we can put our, once unspeakable thoughts, can be expressed. Now let us use this power to understand the way we can see beauty in the world around us, even with the dark cloud of negativity surrounding our view-port of life.
 Have you ever walked outside looking for something you just can’t put your finger on; something alluding in every Corey of your mind. Then, once you reach that first ray of sunshine, it is just the world. All we see are the cars passing, the clouds parting, the people passing, or nothing, nothing at all. What we hoped would help us travel to our final destination, has been there the whole time, nothing new nothing less. There was hope to find an answer, and what was there was only the expected, the known.

There is a way to see your truth.

There is a way to see something new.

Then there is a way to see the predicted.

 When I walk outside on a productive day, I don’t just see the darkened clouds, I see the sun doing its best right behind. Choices are the epitome of our existence, it is what makes us more then our fellow creations. It is unfortunate that even when we share our truth with another, they can only see a glimpse of what we are trying impose on their world; but only an individual can decide for ones self, and that decision is the only way to see happiness and feel the light.
 So, next time we start to let the corners of our vision darken, try to use your truth, and only yours, to find the light. 

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