Wallowing Wednesday 

 Being accomplished on Sunday only leaves Monday to the unknown.

 Don’t get me wrong, I am not underplaying the concept of accomplishment. I only mean to say that some of us want to feel that rush of incredible feelings we get when we complete the things we want done. Sometimes we as humans will make the mistake of going to too far and will be overwhelmed in the process. Making this mistake can result in lost time, energy, and lots of lost love. 

 To love yourself is to feel you deserve love. If we are not accomplishing the things that we feel will help us, then why would we love ourselves in that moment. 
 A moment which is lost in our lives is a moment wasted. To be lost is to act without emotion. Love is the epitome of a positive emotion. Hence, if we act out of love for ourselves, then we can better love the ones closest to us. 

 The healthiest way to use inspiration, like everything else, is in moderation. This reinforces the concept of good and evil in everything in this world. Because even the most positively miraculous things can be a negative influence that can change your life. To take advantage of our moments of inspiration; like any successful general, strategizing is an integral part of becoming an accomplished person. 
 Use your time wisely so when time runs against you, you will always have more then enough. 

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