Sunday Sustainability

One lesson which I acquired today was, with work comes fruitfulness. No matter what situation you are in, the amount of satisfaction we get from something depends heavily on the amount of work which is put into it.

I was fortunate enough to be able to go on another hike today pretty close to Jerusalem. On this hike there was a plan to stop off by a place in which we can swim. Problem was that no one thought of making sure it was reliable information, so we ended up just going to an empty pit which had a little water on the surface. Of course I didn’t really mind i just loved the hike back and the staircase down later…

Every time I go on one of these adventures, there is a certain natural spring in my step, and a joy throughout my thoughts. The number one trick for me to stay in a positive mindset throughout the day is, without a doubt, healthy physical action. This can range from working out, running, and any sport you choose. Being accomplished physically, surprisingly increases your will to accomplish mentally and will help you appreciate the things that go on all around us.

What? When? Who?

Taking these lessons and knowing them is great, but what is the ultimate outcome if we don’t apply them to our everyday life. The point of a good joke is to laugh, and the purpose of a positive point is to use it in a positive way. Bring your lessons with you to your actions, instead of picking them up afterwards.

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