Why do we see the things in which we want and not what we have to? 

 To believe in something is to have a logical reasoning as well as an emotional belief in the concept to which we are speaking. Every belief has different needs that must be filled in order for what is being believed in to survive, under the harsh conditions our ego puts us through on a daily basis. To have an ideology that is lived by so closely, causes the concept to become a belief system in which we build ourselves on. 
 To believe is to want, and the only way we can use our beliefs in the most positive way possible is to control what this creation makes us see; and see what we need to get out of the system we created for ourselves. 
  The concept of belief comes in many forms that have varying affects. Of course we have religion in the number one spot, but there are others like emotions, (every Disney movie) instinct, (animals, reactions, nature) and logic. (Needs, self benefit) In every situation we let these different ideologies govern the choices we make on a daily basis. To get a pie of pizza instead jut 2 slices because you believe that the people back home will want to buy the rest. Even when we do things with the “purest” intentions there is always some type of system that is helping us along our journey that we call life. 
  All this is trying to prove is that there are ways to have total control over your decision making and create your own belief system that you feel is what you need to be accomplishing as much as you can in your life as a productive, content, and maybe even happy individual.

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