A Day of Unprecedented Finalization

 Feels like this week went by pretty fast. I am a big fan of schedules, and get pretty down when I don’t keep mine to the extent i’d like to. Although when I do stick to it the feelings of accomplishment are unprecedented. The need for comfortability fuels this habit for good reason. When doing something more then once we get used to the way we go about the action and start to focus on doing it better to naturally become good at it the way only we know how. 

 This is the reason for how the management system is structured in businesses. Someone who does what he does well, and is able to handle other responsibilities as well, is a worthy choice to be hired/promoted. If you are on some sort of schedule then you know how it feels when we don’t wake up on time or miss the class or meeting of some sort. That emotion is triggered when we disappoint ourselves in the face of adversity. For all of the times blame has fallen on the innocent only to feed the less confident thoughts that casually occupy our minds. 

 Don’t let your own insecurities bring thoughts of negativity that will hold you in fear. It is weird and a little backwards but being confident in yourself is the best way to be confident in others. Some of these people will be the ones we hope succeed, and some we just hope won’t give up. Our minds will always project ourself onto everything we come in contact with. This is the reason that a positive outlook can change the way we interact with the rest of the world. 

 Reflect your positivity onto the earth…

(Art by @princessshaynabelle on insta)


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